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Yurts for events, festivals workshops and fun!

We are a family run business based in Gloucestershire.  We developed a passion for yurts having spent several summers touring music festivals with them. Our yurts have been used a great deal as rehearsal spaces (we’re musicians), social spaces and accommodation.

Yurts are wooden framed traditional tented structures used by nomadic herd’s people in central Asia for many centuries. A yurt can be set up in a couple of hours and once up it is fully weather proof. With the security of a lockable wooden door and the comfort of a wood burning stove all in a round space, it really is something to be experienced.

Why yurts/benefits?

  • Life is better in the round
  • Improve communication
  • Great acoustics
  • Keep warm and dry
  • The natural dry heat created by a wood burning stove creates the loveliest atmosphere
  • Cool in the day – you can remove the crown cover for air flow – just don’t forget to close it if it rains.

Why choose us?

  • We love yurts (or gers as they are called in Mongolia)
  • We’ve been using them for years
  • We’re perfectionists so we personally hand craft our frames to the highest standard.
  • The most common response we hear when someone enters our yurt is: ‘Wow, this is amazing!

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